Complete website speedup

Without changing the website code, without installing any modules, within 5 minutes at DNS level

Website size optimization

Maximum compression of all files without loss of quality: images, styles, scripts, fonts

TTFB optimization

Airee caches most of the requests to the website and serves them from the cache instantly

Worldwide CDN

Reduction of website connection time all over the globe

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Airee Cloud Service is located on a large number of geographically dispersed edge servers. After connecting the website to the Airee, the service passes through all the outgoing traffic of the site, automatically applying all the necessary optimization actions. This leads to a significant decrease in server response time and an increase in the load speed of website pages. In this case, the appearance and functionality of the site is fully preserved.

How Airee Cloud speeds up the website?

Instantaneous DNS servers: to reduce the stage of the 'white screen' when viewing the website pages, Airee uses a reliable network of caching DNS servers around the world, the average response time of which does not exceed 10 ms for the most of regions.

Static files 'clever' caching: all static files (styles, scripts, images, service files and documents) are not only cached in the cloud itself (reducing the load on the original server), but also transmitted with an eternal caching term for website visitors.

Radical website size reduction: Airee uses the maximum compression ratio (zopfli and brotli) for static files and the most advanced algorithms to reduce the size of images without losing quality. In aggregate, this reduces the size of the website by 2-7 times!

Combining all file types: Using the HTTP/2 protocol and reducing the number of requests to the website, Airee significantly reduces the time it takes to open the pages of your site (RTT). Accelerating the load of the site is especially noticeable when browsing the site from mobile devices.

CDN usage: the content delivery network contains a large number of edge servers that are selected to minimize the time of request and file transfer to both local and foreign website visitors.

'Eternal' server caching in Airee Cloud allows you to display pages of your website, even if the site itself is physically unavailable (the server is overloaded or disabled), and for online stores, the caching of the shopping cart is working with customers. In the Airee cache the pages are updated daily or houtly.

Elimination of blocking requests in Airee Cloud the latest technologies to optimize third-party content (3rdp) are used. Even if the Amazon or Facebook servers are blocked or down, your website will continue to function normally.

Optimization of the server environment: in Airee Cloud only the most reliable and fastest server hardware is used. The Airee edge server configuration is carefully tuned to quickly serve a huge number of requests (several millions per second).

Optimization for mobile devices: Airee uses special technologies to accelerate the website load on mobile devices. You do not need to make multiple website views: Airee will automatically determine from which device the website is browsing, and optimize the website for this particular device.

Optimized pages and files are created 'on the fly.' By caching files in the Airee network, the load on the original server of the website is noticeably reduced. It does not matter which browser and device your customers use, on which connection they are browsing your site. Optimization is effective for all platforms and devices.

Airee Cloud Network

Airee Cloud PoPs: USA, Canada, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Checz Republic, Austria, Netherlands, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine, Australia

Complete list of website speedup technologies

Airee uses a large number of technologies for client-side and server-side optimization in automatic mode:

Gzip-compression 'on the fly' for all text files, website pages, fonts and icons. It always works at the maximum compression ratio.

Zopfli-compression and brotli-compression for static files. Resource-intensive (therefore only applies to static files), but allows you to gain another 5-20% in the file size.

Simple HTML minimization works for all HTML files transmitted through the Airee Cloud regardless of the caching settings.

Advanced HTML minimization is performed using htmlcompressor and allows you to gain another 5-10% of the file size for all cached pages in Airee Cloud.

CSS minimization is performed by a set of utilities, including YUI Compressor, Google Closure Stylesheets and CSS Min. Minimization reduces the CSS-code by another 3-10% relative to the gzipped version.

JavaScript minimization works with the encoding of the site and is performed by the Google Closure Compiler and JS Min utilities.

Combining CSS files allows you to reduce the delay in page rendering by saving time for requests to the website and eliminating delays when requesting third-party resources.

Merging JavaScript speeds up page rendering (both in full and in parts) and works securely for all queries.

JavaScript execution time optimization due to more efficient algorithms reduces the load on the user device and increases the speed of the site's response.

Icon optimization is performed by selecting the smallest graphic format without loss of quality.

PNG files optimization is performed by removing meta-information, zopfli-compression, selection of optimal coding and color palette reduces their size by 10-40%.

JPEG files optimization is performed without loss of quality due to the removal of meta-information and optimization of compression algorithms.

Using WebP allows you to reduce the size of images by 20-50% without loss of quality for mobile and ordinary users.

Animated GIF files optimization includes the combination of frames and optimization of the palette, performed without loss of quality.

Regular GIF files optimization involves selecting the optimal format for the smallest file size.

BMP files optimization is carried out without loss of quality. The size is reduced by 50-90%.

Vector images optimization includes minimizing code, optimizing paths and palettes, zopfli-compression.

JPEG chrome subsampling makes it possible to further reduce the size of images without visible loss for perception.

Web fonts reformation removes unused characters and significantly (up to 90%) reduces the size of files.

Fonts optimization creates an optimal set of files for all browsers based on a minimum file size.

Fonts compression uses zopfli and brotli to minimize the size of the resulting files.

PDF optimization parses a PDF document, optimizes its parts without losing quality and compiles the document back.

Video optimization removes unused and meta-information from video containers.

Caching widgets eliminates connection delays from using third-party widgets on the website.

Images lazy load allows you to optimize the browsing of the site on slow connections.

Delayed widgets and frames load makes the website as much as possible interactive for users.

Delayed 3rdp load allows you to make even advertisement-heavy website lightning fast.

Inlining CSS / JavaScript code in the body of the page speeds up the rendering of pages for mobile users.

Resizing images for mobile users allows you to quickly load a site on devices with small screens.

Full support for WebSockets when accelerating and proxy through the Airee Cloud.

Fixing image dimensions corrects the actual images used on the site and saves download size.

base64 usage for images allows you to load them faster on a mobile connection.

HTTP/2.0 enables multiplexing of requests and minimizes delays on a mobile connection.

Fast TCP in Airee Cloud uses optimized settings to reduce user timeouts.

OCSP Stapling 'stitches' SSL-certificates and shortens TLS-delays.

Fast TLS is optimized for secure connections and guarantees a minimum response time.

Reactive speedup allows you to display the website pages almost instantly, even with delays on the server side.

CDN delivers the website files with minimum delay and at the maximum speed for users.

Cloud DNS reduces the opening time of the site and increases its availability for all regions.

SEO caching creates an optimized version of the site for search robots.

Server caching allows you to reduce latencies with the website pages.

GEO caching and geolocation provides the best UX for different countries.

Blocking 404 caches erroneous requests and speeds up the website load in case of errors.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) create a 'lightweight' version of the site for opening directly from the search results.

Conditional caching gives users new information only if the pages or site files have changed.

Auto-update website cache allows you to display the current information as quickly as possible.

Cascade cache flush allows you to update the website cache without a heavy load on the original hosting.

Favicon restoration reduces the load from the pages that are not found (404).

Strict caching allows you to miminize the website load time for all users.

Pages synchronization updates the website pages on all Airee Cloud edges (for all users).

Prices sync allows you to update the product cards with new prices.

Website before and after speedup

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Accelerating the website with Airee Cloud in a situation where the website should work every day and without failures (like our portal) is an ideal solution to solve all issues with load speed quickly.


Just wonderful. We really appreciate your attitude. We will always you and all advertise as a company with a really excellent support service. The website really began to load significantly faster.


On a fast website users were up to 40% more likely to fulfill their goals and buy products. Customers stay longer on the site, which in turn increases the likelihood of buying.

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