Venus $5/day USD

For small and regional ecommerce

  • Websites: up to 10
  • Speedup 1.5x
  • Availability 99.9%
  • RUM
  • Support: Zendesk, 8x5

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Jupiter $12/day USD

For medium ecommerce and news

  • Websites: up to 20

  • Speedup 2x
  • Availability 99.99%
  • Advanced RUM
  • Support: Zendesk, 24x7

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Sun from $50/day USD

For large websites, news and media

  • Websites: up to 100

  • Speedup 3x
  • Availability 100% + SLA
  • Advanced RUM + consulting
  • Support: personal manager

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Calculate tarif

Calculation of the plan is based on an estimation of the monthly attendance of the site, the depth of view and the size of the pages of the website.

Plan details


  • Traffic: 200 Gb/daily. More: $0.03/Gb
  • Cache: 88 Gb. More: $0.05/Gb
  • Compression gzip9, zopfli, brotli
  • CSS and JavaScript merging
  • Optimization: png, webp, jpeg
  • Mobile caching
  • HTML caching
  • Manual/auto cache flush and API
  • Basic RUM

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  • Traffic: 665 Gb/daily. More: $0.02/Gb
  • Cache: 332 Gb. More: $0.04/Gb
  • Compression gzip9, zopfli, brotli, sdch
  • CSS and JavaScript merging, base64
  • Optimization png, webp, jpeg, subsampling, woff
  • Mobile caching, Client Hints
  • HTML caching, GET params, GEO cache
  • Manual/auto cache flush and cascade mode, API
  • Advanced RUM

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  • Traffic: 3750 Gb/daily. More: $0.015/Gb
  • Cache: 3000 Gb. More: $0.02/Gb
  • Compression gzip9, zopfli, brotli, sdch, delta
  • CSS and JavaScript mergin, base64, inline
  • Optimization png, webp, jpeg, subsampling, woff, video
  • Mobile caching, Client Hints, AMP
  • HTML caching, GET params and keys, GEO cache
  • Manual/auto cache flush and cascade mode, API
  • Advanced RUM + load speed KPI

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Only outgoing traffic from the service (from all nodes) is considered. All incoming traffic is free (at a ratio of no more than 1/2 incoming to outgoing). Excess ratio is paid at the current rate.

Tariffication is performed daily according to the chosen plan.

When you connect the website to the Service, an Installation Payment is charged in the amount of a monthly subscription fee. It is considered when paying for services for setting up a website in the Service and paying for the last month. According to paragraph 3.2.7 of the User Agreement, the Installation payment is taken into account when paying for the tariff plans and services of the Service and is not refundable.

In case of a single violation of clause 3.2.6 of the User Agreement, a penalty equal to the monthly service on the Venera plan is charged.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Airee Cloud guarantees the overall availability of its infrastructure at least 99.9% during the day. In case of violation of the level of availability, an amount equal to the daily subscription fee for Airee Service will be returned to the balance.

Prepayment discounts

In case of a one-time payment for the Service for a significant period, the following discounts are applied:

  • 5%: at payment for 6 monthes
  • 10%: at payment for 1 year
  • 20%: at payment for 2 years

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