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Worldwide CDN improves local website load speed and availability

Airee CDN is a large number of geographically distributed optimizing edges. After connecting website to the CDN network, all static website files are distributed by regional servers and delivered to your users as quickly as possible. Dynamic pages are requested and given through fast communication channels, which also increases the load speed of the website. Airee CDN automatically reduces all types of files used on web pages, the gain is 50-65%. You save your money and user time!

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Why Airee CDN is so efficient?

Instantaneous DNS servers: Airee uses a network of caching DNS servers across the globe, the average response time of which does not exceed 10 ms for any region! For each region, the nearest server is automatically selected among the available ones.

Client-side caching: Airee CDN sends strict caching headers that reduce the waiting time for the following users from the same region and eliminates the need to re-query the file.

Reliable communication channels: Airee CDN is connected to main channels with a capacity of several Tbit/s and have good peering with all providers. No load on your site will affect the work of CDN, all users will receive files at maximum speed.

Image optimization: Airee CDN optimizes all images of your website at maximum: removes redundant information, optimizes compression algorithms, saves lossless display quality. The size is reduced by 35-50%.

File compression: all static text files are optimized with zopfli, brotli and corresponding utilities, the gain is 75-90%, including the execution time of JavaScript files is reduced by 10-20%. Optimization fully preserves the backward compatibility, appearance and functionality of the website.

Media optimization: even for "heavy" content Airee CDN network uses the latest technologies and reduces the size of PDF files and web fonts by 30-50%, the size of SWF-files by 10-15% due to more optimal compression algorithms!

Optimized pages and files are created 'on the fly.' By caching files in the Airee network, the load on the original server of the website is noticeably reduced. It does not matter which browser and device your customers use, on which connection they are browsing your site. Optimization is effective for all platforms and devices.

Airee Cloud Map

Airee Cloud PoPs: USA, Canada, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Checz Republic, Austria, Netherlands, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine, Australia

Airee Cloud POPs

  1. USA, Washington
  2. USA, Los Angeles
  3. USA, Dallas
  4. Canada, Quebec
  5. Canada, Vancouver
  6. UK, London
  7. France, Paris
  8. Germany, Frankfurt
  9. Spain, Madrid
  10. Czech, Prague
  1. Poland, Warsaw
  2. Ukraine, Kiev
  3. Russia, Moscow
  4. Russia, Saint-Petersburg
  5. Russia, Ekaterinburg
  6. Russia, Novosibirsk
  7. Kazakhstan, Astana
  8. Singapore
  9. Japan, Tokio
  10. Australia, Sydney

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