Airee Cloud for small websites

For small businesses and media agencies

High Load

Technical optimization will reduce the load on website hosting by 60-80%

Fast Website

All users will get faster website, usually by 30-50%

Worldwide CDN

Rapid content delivery throught Airee Cloud network

Get website speedup estimation (it takes 3-5 minutes)

During the estimation of possible speedup, the website will be added to the Airee cloud, its optimization will be performed, after that the website load time will be measured before and after the acceleration.

Why do you need Airee?

Airee Cloud allows you to automate routine operations to speed up and protect the website. You get professional competencies that can be broadcast to your clients without expensive training or outsourcing.

By connecting client websites to Airee you save on promotion (especially with regard to the primary indexing of the site: in Airee it takes days), you provide 100% availability of client sites and maintain your reputation. Finally, use new methods that are not available to your competitors.

Partner Plans

Earth 0Free USD

For beginner

  • Websites: up to 2
  • Basic SSL + HTTP/2.0
  • Improved availability
  • CDN only
  • W/o optimization
  • 5 Gb/day

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Earth+ $1/day/website USD

For confident

  • Websites: oo

  • Basic SSL + HTTP/2.0
  • SEO availability
  • Speedup 1.2x
  • Basic optimization
  • 5 Gb/day/website

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Earth++ $2/day/website USD

For professional

  • Websites: oo

  • Strict SSL + HTTP/2.0
  • 100% availability
  • Speedup 1.5x
  • Advanced optimization
  • 10 Gb/day/website

Best price

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Traffic over limit is paid at a price of $0.1/Gb

Get premium website speedup with Airee Cloud

100% performance and availability guaranteed!