What is Airee Cloud?

Airee is website performance optimization cloud, it also provides high availability and DDoS protection

Airee is a hybrid SaaS cloud to automatically increase the availability of websites through the use of frontend optimization technologies, proactive protection, and network of geographic servers — next generation CDN. The website connected to Airee gets the highest speed, fault tolerance, protection from attacks and DDoS at all levels and maximum efficiency on all user devices (from desktops to mobile phones).

To connect to the service, you will either need to change the domain NS addresses, or make several additional DNS records to move the website to the cloud.

After connecting the website to the Airee Cloud, special robots can visit the pages and resources of your website, more about Airee robots.

About Us

WEBO Group

WEBO Group for 10+ years has been providing solutions for website speedup, fail tolerance and high availability, also with performance monitoring and RUM. We have an exceptional experience in web performance and are happy to apply this experience to your websites.

Our clients receive fast, reliable and accessible websites. When auditing performance, we provide a full range of information necessary to assess the quality of the site.

WEBO Site SpeedUp is worldwide famous PHP product, top3 in stanadlone website speedup paid products.

WEBO Pulsar is web performance and availability monitoring SaaS, it has the largest own network of monitoring points.

WEBO Group founders published 2 books about website performance — Speed Up Your Website and Reactive Websites — they are freely available in PDF.

If you have any questions regarding WEBO Group products, you can contact us directly:

Mikołaj Maciejewski Mikołaj Maciejewski, CTO
Skype: nikolay.matsievsky
E-mail: n@airee.cloud

Mary Pite Mary Pite, CFO
Skype: mashun.chik1
E-mail: m@airee.cloud

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