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What is Airee Cloud?


Airee Cloud solves 95% of website performance issues for any devices. Average website speedup is 2.5x

Content Delivery

Large Airee POPs network provides fast and perfect delivery any type of content: images, scripts, video


Airee guarantees 99.99% website availability when your hosting or provides fails


Airee Cloud incorporates best industry standards: PCI-DSS, HTTP/2, CDN, FEO, SSL/TLS

Best Price

Airee is aimed to provide content delivery and website optimization from $5/day

Support 24x7

Airee support solves all issues with website load speed in-time

Maximum Website Performance

With the help of CDN and smart caching Airee Cloud allows you to shrink your hosting load up to 98%, improve speedup website indexing with search engines and guarantee fail tolerance under high load.

Stable website operations under high load

High Load Stability

Your website will work even under high load, origin shield included

Rapid Indexing

Search engines get all website pages and deep content

100% Availability

Any external monitoring will show full website availability

Website Speedup

With Airee Cloud website load metrics become 2-3 times better, Google Page Speed grade reaches 80-90.
Airee provides website load speed RUM statistics and detailed information about slow pages.

Website load speed statistics

Server Caching

Caching rules for pages and files, docs and assets, auto-reload, API

Files Compression

Maximum website resources optimization without any quality losses

Mobile Optimization

Additional optimization for cellular networks and weak CPUs

Website High Availability

Airee Cloud checks website hosting status and gives overall statistics for day, month and quarter. Your website continues to work even if hosting fails (if 100% availability is set). Airee Cloud also increases website availability with 'open eyes' and 'no errors' tecnologies.

Website and hosting availability monitoring

Server Errors

Airee can instantly check you hosting for errors


In case of any errors you will get e-mail and sms

Website Diagnostics

Website status can be checked in My Account at any time

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Worldwide CDN

Airee Cloud PoPs: USA, Canada, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Checz Republic, Austria, Netherlands, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine, Australia

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PageSpeed Grade

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Server response times and website load times are tested with the help of WEBO Pulsar network in USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, Asia, Australia. Each website results are cached for 1 day.

Our Clients Speaking

Accelerating the website with Airee Cloud in a situation where the website should work every day and without failures (like our portal) is an ideal solution to solve all issues with load speed quickly.


Just wonderful. We really appreciate your attitude. We will always you and all advertise as a company with a really excellent support service. The website really began to load significantly faster.


On a fast website users were up to 40% more likely to fulfill their goals and buy products. Customers stay longer on the site, which in turn increases the likelihood of buying.

We are grateful to the Airee company for the fact that when our server was attacked by cybercriminals, Airee Cloud completely resolved the issue with the availability of our website. And they also consulted on all issues. In general, I recommend!


In Airee Cloud websites are under reliable protection. Thank you for your professional help and solution!


Airee solves two extremely important problems for us: ensures the stability and speed of our projects and distributes a large amount of data to external customers without increasing server capacity.


Airee really works! Very useful server for all websites! I do not understand why so few people use such opportunities.


It's very difficult and long to find partners which are true professionals! It is doubly pleasant when it is possible to find them in WEBO Group and Airee Cloud companies.


For the first time in the last year and a half, the position of the site for the region of Europe (I have a collection through SEOLIB) CUT UP!


WEBO Group Clients

  • Tinkoff
  • MTS
  • Megafon
  • Rostelecom
  • Aviasales
  • Template Monster
  • Rusonyx
  • Faberlic

Airee Cloud Stats

746k sites

Now in Airee Cloud

1.41 Pb

Last day traffic


Average website speedup

11B hits

Saved this year

66M attacks

Mitigated yesterday

46B requests

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