100% Website Availability

Airee Cloud provides 100% availability of your website for visitors and search engines

Protection from failures

Airee will re-request your hosting if problem occurs and show the correct result

3x fail tolerance

Airee infrastructure has double reserve of each node (N+2)

100% availability

In case of website inaccessibility Airee will show it from the cache

Increase website availability

Airee Cloud consists of enhanced availability servers located throughout the world. After the site is connected to the Airee, a high availability cache is created that caters to a large part of the requests to the site, removing the load on the hosting server and providing 100% availability in the case of any server errors. You reduce hosting costs and improve reliability and your website indexing by search engines!

Why Airee Cloud works so efficiently?

Powerful hardware: Airee Cloud uses own equipment on major network exchanges "step-by-step availability", average response time isn't more than 30 ms for most countries! Every visitor is served by the nearest Airee edge.

Reliable communication channels: Airee edge equipment is connected to backbone, duplicate channels with a capacity of several Tbit/s and have good peering with all providers. No burden on your site will not affect his work.

Round-the-clock monitoring: the entire Airee network is monitored in 24x7 mode from several points, configured automatic switching in server failures and manual administration of situations makes it possible to guarantee availability of at least 99.99% within a month.

Open Eye Technology: Airee does not allow random errors on the site. If an error occurs, the request will be re-sent to the site twice more to exclude the possibility of the website 'blinking'.

Server caching: Airee allows you to store rarely changing pages of your website on edge servers, then serves them at the maximum speed for all visitors. This provides 100% availability of the website in all cases.

SEO-caching: Airee automatically caches and updates the most popular pages of your site, which reduces the load on hosting, increases the availability of the site for search robots, improves the indexability of the site 2-5 times and increases the number of visitors from the search engines by 20-30%!

'0-errors' technology: allows you to serve pages for your website visitors, even if the website hosting is unavailable or responds with an error. In this case, your users will never know about your problems, Airee will take care of the maximum availability of the site.

Restoring the site: in case of any failure on the hosting or loss of the website, you can always restore it from the cloud cache. Airee will save the most data from your website.

Client-side caching: static files and computed data are stored on users' computers, excluding their repeated request from the hosting.

When you connect your website to Airee cloud, you get a guarantee of quality and increased availability of the website. Our engineers will help to solve any technical issues regarding the operation of the website and its availability. Due to the caching of files in the Airee, the load on the origin server or the hosting of the website is noticeably reduced, and the indexability of the site and the effectiveness of the promotion are increased.

Airee Cloud Network

Airee Cloud PoPs: USA, Canada, Spain, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Checz Republic, Austria, Netherlands, Singapore, Russia, Ukraine, Australia

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