Airee Cloud API

API entry point:

Required parameters

key — your API key, can be obrained on Personal Account Profile.

domain — domain (without www and http), which is in action. Not required for registration and balance payment.

action — API action, possible values: add, delete, disable, dns.add, dns.delete, enable, flush, flush.html, flush.ha, flush.custom, get.availability, get.balance, get.bots, get.cache,,, get.errors, get.guard, get.option, get.timings, get.visitors, pay, register, set.option, set.options, test.start, test.check.


There will be an error message in case of absence of any required parameter.

Response format

All responses are JSON. In case of any error response is {"error":"error_code"}, where error_code is mnemonic (it contains information what is wrong in your request). In case of successfull request response is {"success":"OK"} and JSON array with data.

Airee Cloud registration (API key request): action=register

Пример запроса:

The only required GET parameter is email. Also you can pass password, phone, firstname, lastname parameters. If you miss any optional parameters they are replaced with default values.

With successfull user registration the response is {"success":"d618cfdcabcddaa000cc12cb6958c878"}, where success is the API key for subsequent requests to Airee Cloud under created account.

Website addition and removal: action=(add delete)


With successull request domain is being added (or removed) to Airee Cloud in 2 minutes.

Website speedup and guard options set: action=set.options


All website speedup and guard rules are send as POST in the following format (rules are in square brackets, paths for their application are from the next line, each on the new line):


You can use special values as paths (URL): * — the whole website and / — homepage only.

You can use the following rules:

  • cache_flush — cache flush every minute (it works only for eaxct URL, not for the folder or website at all).
  • cache_flush_10 — cache flush every 10 minutes (the same as previous one).
  • cache_flush_60 — cache flush every one hour (the same as previous one).
  • cache_flush_120 — cache flush every two hours (the same as previous one).
  • cache_no — do not cache given path.
  • cache1 — cache given path for 1 minute.
  • cache2 — cache given path for 2 minutes.
  • cache3 — cache given path for 5 minutes.
  • cache4 — cache given path for 10 minutes.
  • cache5 — cache given path for 30 minutes.
  • cache6 — cache given path for 1 hour.
  • cache7 — cache given path for 2 hours.
  • cache8 — cache given path for 5 hours.
  • cache9 — cache given path for 10 hours.
  • cache0 — cache given path for 24 hours.

You can also additionally set any global website options in GET parameters. For example:

  • origin — hosting IP address (with protocol if required) delimited with comma (in case of several upstreams). For example,,
  • blacklist — IP addresses or subnets which access to the website is blocked, delimited with comma. For example,,192.168.0.*
  • clickfrog — fraud block with ClickFrog: 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled).

Single option set: action=set.{option}

Example:, POST:

Option value is sent via POST request without any delimeters.

As {option} you can use blacklist, otigin, etc. All Airee Cloud options are listed below (in section get.option).

Cache flush: action=flush.(html ha custom)


Cache flush is being made within 2 minutes on all Airee Cloud nodes after request sent. Several cache flush options:

  • Complete website cache flush. This includes all pages, all static files, all speedup cache files, high availability cache and cache reload files. Request: action=flush.
  • Only HTML pages cache flush. This is required with significant website update. Request: action=flush.html.
  • High availability cache flush. This is required with website update (also to flush all pages caches for search engines and fallbacks). Request: action=flush.ha.
  • Given pages cache flush. This works both for pages and files and deletes requested pages and files from all Airee Cloud nodes. Request: action=custom. You also need additionally set POST parameter pages to the list of flushed pages or paths (addresses can be given as absolute or external ones), several paths are delimited with line break (\n).

Airee Cloud enabling and disabling: action=(enable disable)


Enabling or disabling of Aire Cloud for given website is processed on DNS layer, so this takes usually 2-3 seconds (but depending on your DNS cache can take up to several hours). When Airee Cloud is disabled all requests are being sent to website hosting directly, without any proxying. With Airee Cloud enabling all requests are sent to Airee infrastructure for speedup, guard and further processing.

Adding and removing DNS records: action = dns.(add delete)

Example: https://xn--80aqc2a.xn--p1ai/my/site/api/? Action=dns.add&domain=xn--80aqc2a.xn--p1ai&key=0011123481faedba00011123481faedb&name=@&type=TXT&value=TEST

DNS management requests require additionally 3 mandatory parameters: name - the (sub)domain for which you want to set the record (@ for the root domain), type - the type of the record (A, AAAA, CNAME, TXT, SRV, MX, NS), value — the value of the record (without quotes). If there is no mandatory parameter, an error will be displayed. If the parameter values are incorrect, an error will be displayed (the record will not be saved in the zone). If you add CNAME for an existing domain, the entry will be overwritten (to avoid duplicate CNAME).

Additionally, you can set the priority for MX record. When deleting (action=dns.delete), an entry with the specified values of name, type, and value will be found and removed from the domain zone.

Get website options: action=get.option.(airee availability cache cache_flush cache_query charset dev image monitor origin pagespeed pass_useragent redirect secure security shard static whitelist www)


Available options:

  • Is Airee Cloud enabled for the website: action=get.option.airee.
  • Availability level: action=get.option.availability.
  • HTML pages cache timeout (in minutes): action=get.option.cache.
  • Last cache flush: action=get.option.cache_flush.
  • Cache with GET query: action=get.option.cache_query.
  • Website charset: action=get.option.charset.
  • Test subdomain:
  • Image optimization level: action=get.option.image.
  • Availability monitoring frequency: action=get.option.monitor.
  • Hosting IP address(es): action=get.option.origin.
  • Website speedup level: action=get.option.pagespeed.
  • Send bots User Agent: action=get.option.pass_useragent.
  • Redirect domain: action=get.option.redirect.
  • SSL для домена:
  • Security level:
  • Airee location: action=get.option.shard.
  • Static files cache timeout: action=get.option.static.
  • IP whitelist: action=get.option.whitelist.
  • Domain with www: action=get.option.www.

Get website data: action=get.(availability balance bots cache domains download errors guard timings visitors)


  • Account balance (action=get.balance) is USD. Parameter domain is optional.
  • Account domains ( Account domains' list with status (negative — domain is deleted, 0 — domain is disabled and 1 — domain is enabled in Airee), domain itself (without www) and Airee addition date.

Website statistics for the previous day (starting 6 a.m. UTC). Available options:

  • Availability (action=get.availability). THis inclues website and hosting availability in percent.
  • Search engines (action=get.bots). This includes visits of all popular search engines bots: Google, Yandex, Mail.Ru, Sputnik, Yahoo, Bing, Rambler.
  • Website cache (action=get.cache). This gives total website cache size from all Airee nodes in Mb.
  • Website traffic ( This gives total website traffic size from all Airee nodes in Mb.
  • Website errors (action=get.errors). This gives number of 5xx, 4xx and visitor bounces.
  • Attacks blocked (action=get.guard). This gives number of blocked requests to the website.
  • Website load time (action=get.timings). This includes redirect, DNS, connect, SSL, response, download, DOM and onload timings.
  • Visitors from search (action=get.visitors). This includes number of requests from visitors came from search results of Google, Yandex, Mail.Ru, Sputnik, Yahoo, Bing, Rambler.

Website load time test: action=test.(start check)


You need to send GET parameters domain and action=test.start to start website load time test. Response will return ID of speed test, which you need to use in action=test.check.

You need to send action=test.check and GET parameter id to get speed test results. Response will return error (if website load time has not been calculated yet) or contain data about actual website load time from 5 edges: USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

All website load speed results are being cached for 24 hours.

Replenish funds: action=pay

lang — lang (currency) to add funds. Possible values: ru (RUB), en (USD).

sum — sum of funds. Example: 100.


You will be redirected to payment gateway in case of sucessfull request.

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